Exposed Brick Wall DIY

Ways to develop an exposed brick wall:

To start with, what you'll need:

  • Brick sculpt
  • Little crow bar
  • Plastic sheets
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Brick sealant
  • Dust mask & eye security

Action 1

Protective sheets. As you can picture getting rid of the plaster from your brick wall is untidy work! This is especially crucial if you have an old house with the initial plaster.

Action 2

Pretty simple to see what's next? Merely make a hole the plaster using your brick sculpt. This is likelihood to expose a little area of the brick, possibly someplace concealed, to see if the quality of the brick beneath readies. As soon as you've produced a hole, you can either use the sculpt or a little crowbar to get rid of the plaster. Simply tap it gently to obtain behind the plaster and level it off. Beware not to harm the bricks with the sculpt or crow bar by tapping too hard.

Action 3

As soon as all the bricks are exposed the next action is to clean the bricks. Some people use acid to do this, but this can be unpleasant and hazardous and not truly needed. Simply some warm water and a sponge must be all you'll need to clean the bricks. Clean the dust off with the sponge routinely wringing it in the container. Repeat this 2 or 3 times changing the water in between each time till the majority of the dust has been gotten rid of from the bricks. If there are fractures or visible holes in the bricks now is your change to spot them with some cement.

Action 4

Sealing the wall. Numerous kinds of sealant are readily available for sealing bricks. Keep an eye out for brick sealants in specific.(Do a search! Research is an essential part of any change - this website provides

EXCELLENT reviews:

Sealants: You can generally select in between gloss and matt with most people choosing a matt service as it looks more natural. Follow the directions on the can for using the sealant, which usually recommend using it 2 or 3 times. The sealant will also darken the look of the bricks with each coat.


12 Clever Ways to Re-Purpose Your Furniture

They say 'one male's garbage is another male's treasure' which is real, but that does not mean you cannot take your very own scrap and make it a treasure when again. By recycling your old furniture, you can include some terrific beauty to your home design. Not just that but having the ability to re-purpose furniture is in fact a great deal of fun. From cabinets to cabinets to old doors to counter tops, anything can be repurposed. All it takes is simply a little imagination. So, the next time you're ready to get rid of that old side table that you've been hanging on to for several years, take a look at these 12 creative methods to repurpose your furniture before you do. You may get a little motivation.

1. Use an old door as a headboard.

If you have an old wood door simply lying around why not try repurposing it as a headboard to your bed. By sanding down any rough edges, your bed will have an included rustic style. Plus, it's simple to do. All you need is a sander (or simply sandpaper) and a little putty.

2. A bookcase can become a bar.

No idea what to do with that old antique bookshelf? The response is basic: make a bar! By utilizing the racks to store glasses, alcohol, martini shakers, and possibly a number of books, you'll have a classy bar right in your den, basement or living space. Total the appearance by including wine holders and wine glass holders.

3. Turn a window into a cabinet door.

If you have a window that's undamaged with a great deal of character but too old to in fact use, then try making a cabinet door out of it. You can either make a cabinet or find one without a door. In either case, connect a deal with and hinges to the window, connect it to the cabinet, and you're done. Basic and simple.

4. A cabinet into a bench.

Do you have an old cabinet that you cannot find any use for? Simply turn it into a bench. A little bit of cutting, sawing, and screwing and you'll have a great seat for a couple of. If you seal and paint it with outside items you can even place it outside.

5. A buffet cabinet becomes a coffee station.

Turning a buffet cabinet into a coffee station is the most convenient thing to do. All you need to do is get rid of the top of the cabinet and change it with a kitchen area counter top. This will look excellent in the kitchen area as a coffee station. Put your mugs, coffee machine, and cream and sugar here for an elite appearance.


6. Turn a chair into a nightstand.

Do you have a chair you love but it does not match your other chairs? Turn it into a nightstand or (if it huges enough) a table. All you need to do is remove the back and simply use the seat.

7. Turn old side tables into stools.

A nightstand or side table can be quickly transformed into a stool by just including a cushion to the top. This is especially helpful if you have a great deal of side tables for some factor.

8. An easel becomes a TELEVISION stand.

A big and durable artist's easel can quickly become a TELEVISION stand if it's strong enough. Plus, it includes a fascinating measurement to your living-room and is a terrific discussion piece. Simply place the TELEVISION on the bottom rack and bring the leading one down as if you were propping up a canvas.

9. Turn a secretary desk into linen cabinet.

Secretary desks, specifically the ones with a high hutch, can be repainted and put in the restroom or corridor as a linen cabinet. Most importantly, there's hardly any fussing needed.

10. A chest becomes a coffee table.

If you have a sturdy wood chest or trunk that's the best height, then you can quickly turn it into a coffee table. Simply use a sealant on the leading or place a pane of glass. If you're convenient with tools you can make the leading open like a garage door.

11. Turn a sideboard into a restroom vanity.

If you have a sideboard that you wish to get rid of, do not. A sideboard can make an outstanding restroom vanity. All you need to do is sculpt a hole in the top for the sink and ensure there's enough space for the pipes. Include a mirror to the wall above it and you're all set.

12. Turn a headboard into a rack.

Do not belong to hang your coat? Have an old headboard that you do not use any longer? Then make that headboard into a coat rack by screwing on hooks to the face and hanging the entire thing on your wall.