Sofa Bed Buying Guide

The sofa is one of the main and expensive interior items in every house. This is a piece of multifunctional furniture which gets a serious load every day. Choosing a quality, beautiful and practical sofa is not an easy task. After all, you should evaluate not only its appearance and dimensions, which should harmoniously complement the interior and match the parameters of the room, but also the functional characteristics and reliability of the structure.

Size matters

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the bed. If you plan to sleep alone, then the width in 1m 20 cm is quite sufficient. But the width of the sleeping place for two people should not be less than 1m 40 cm.

Speaking about the size, it is necessary to select a sofa according to the size of the room. Straight sofas occupy less space than corner sofa beds but they may be not sufficient for providing a comfortable sleeping place. Also around the sofa bed, there should be enough free space so that you can move easily around the room.


The frame of the sofa can be made of wood, metal, chipboard and plywood. Wooden models are made from oak, walnut, beech, ash - this is one of the most durable materials. The metal base is distinguished by its high durability and reliability.

Mattress Material

A sofa for everyday sleep should have orthopaedic properties. That is, it must support the musculoskeletal system in a natural position and correctly distribute the load on the body. This is especially true for children. If a child sleeps on a too soft sofa, he may have scoliosis and other illnesses. Mattress Material can be:

  • Cotton or polyester fill.
  • Foam.
  • Innerspring.
  • Air-over-coil.


Sofa beds come in a variety of styles, from minimalist futons to oversized sectional couches and everything in between.

  • Futon. A futon is the simplest version of a sleeper sofa that you’ll find.
  • Sleeper chair. If you’re especially short on square footage and you tend to have only one guest at a time, a sleeper chair (or two) can be an ideal option, since each chair folds out into a twin-size bed.
  • Pullout couch. A pullout couch is the most traditional choice for a sofa bed, since it does double duty, acting as a comfortable full-size sofa most of the time, and a full- or queen-size (and occasionally king-size) bed as needed.

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