Should I Choose Pleated Blinds for my Windows?

Looking for window dressing ideas? You may draw the attention to the pleated blinds. What is it? And do you need it for your windows? As the name implies, the pleated blinds are made of pleated fabric and represent something in between the horizontal blinds and the roller blinds. They have their own advantages and disadvantages that you need to know about before actually purchasing them for your home.

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Advantages of pleated blinds

Pleating and a variety of materials for the production of blinds set a number of advantages:

  • In case of contamination, the fabric pleated curtains can be washed by hand in warm water. However, paper pleated blinds will be better to simply wipe with a damp sponge.
  • Pleated blinds can be unfolded from the bottom as well as the top, which is quite convenient for the kitchen, balcony and all rooms located on the lower floors.
  • Pleated blinds are the only type of decoration, which is attached to non-standard windows. In addition, only this option is used for roof, loft window openings.
  • The blinds are so neat and tightly folded that they will not be visible even under the thin cornice.
  • A variety of colours and textures for any room. You can set the blinds at the same time from different types of fabric according to the shade and density, which is responsible for adjusting the room's lighting and protects from sunlight.
  • There are different ways of fixing and variants of regulators.

Are there any disadvantages with the blinds-pleated?

Despite the modern design and practicality, the blinds have several disadvantages:

  • They cannot be washed in a washing machine, so it isn’t better to install these blinds in the kitchen.
  • The production of pleated blinds is quite complicated, which is reflected in the price. They are in the middle range when you look at the prices of blinds. They tend to be cheaper in comparison to Roman shades but more expensive than Venetian blinds.
  • Pleated fabric on windows with non-standard geometry (e.g. pleated roof blinds) has the property of straightening at the top and accumulating in the lower part, usually in a few years.

Pleated window blinds are among the most elegant and functional types of blinds available on the market. While pleated shades may not be ideal for every home, their wide array of fabrics, lifting options and shapes – as well as their affordable price – make them well worth checking out.

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