Kitchen Extension

There is no doubt that if a house of apartment had a heart it would definitely be a kitchen. It is a unique place where all members of the family gather spontaneously. It brings people together and brings to mind comfort and relax. But the superlatives of kitchen extension are not only virtual. Implementation of this project is beneficial not only for your private space, but also for your banking account. Kitchen extension can definitely add a lot your property value.

Our partner, Diamond Kitchens has an impressive experience with the kitchen extensions as it is one of the most popular projects in terms of home improvement. Diamond Kitchens is able to take care of the entire process and guide you through all of the steps - starting from the initial design, an overall supervision, filling official forms according to regulations and of course refurbishing your kitchen.

Diamond Kitchens is providing full hydraulics and mechanics services as well. Also They provide certified expert and health and safety approved electrical services. But that is not all. We can also design custom kitchen cabinets, windows, doors and guarantee a comprehensive high-class interior design.