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Among the various types of doors that will fit in well both into your interior and exterior, French doors are perhaps the most elegant option. The French door usually consists of one pair of doors that is characterised by a very light construction and large glass elements, usually extending through the majority of its length, which has earned them their alternative name: French windows.

French doors...

can help enhance the looks and efficiency of your living space in a number of meaningful ways. They are the perfect choice for a patio door. External wooden French doors can be a great bridge between the interior and exterior, bringing in more of that summer warmth either through their large glass panels or simply by remaining open. The mostly glass design also helps you conserve energy by greatly increasing the amount of daylight that comes into your home.

Our French doors are among the most solid in London. Despite their delicate looks, they can withstand a lot of influence from the outside, making for a great, long-lasting addition to any household.

Perhaps you’re struggling to find the perfect door to your cramped flat, as doors usually aren’t very space-efficient. Or maybe you’re simply looking for an elegant, modern solution for your interior or patio? In either case, our selection of patio and sliding doors might be just what you’re looking for. Made from excellent-quality materials, our aluminium sliding doors are among the best in London. They are well suited to all domestic needs, be they internal or external. The slim, elegant aluminium profiles make them the perfect solution for any modern or traditional home.

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