How to create more storage space in your home

Home is the cosiest place where people spend a lot of time. Furniture creates a harmonious atmosphere here and should often combine aesthetic and practical features. Currently one of the most popular solutions among homeowners is bespoke wardrobes from London based company , as they create additional storage space in the home and have a unique style.

It’s obvious that bespoke wardrobes allow using space maximally and avoiding the heap of things and a large number of chests of drawers and shelves. Wardrobes are very suitable for those who love minimalist solutions.

The room with the built-in wardrobe looks quite impressive, and at the same time, it retains great functionality. It may contain the maximum number of things, from clothing and linen to footwear. Especially this solution is suitable if there is no separate dressing room.

Most often, wardrobes are made, of course, on individual projects. Such solution allows you to choose the necessary sizes of the wardrobe which will fit your room. Additional built-in elements also add convenience, creating a place to store the necessary things.

The most popular variant of wardrobe zoning is the use of the upper zone for storing headwear and bags, the middle one for clothes, and the lowest for shoes. Various accessories are placed in drawers or on shelves, special holders for belts and ties may also be installed. All depends on your preferences and budget possibilities.

Depending on your needs, you can include shelves or boxes for storing cosmetics, medicines and other necessary things, as well as divide the wardrobe into sections of various heights for different lengths of clothes.

We hope that you will be inspired by fresh ideas and will also decide to place such pieces of furniture in your flat or house.